Chair Client: Renowned Cricket organisation Location: England, UK England, UK Flag

Client background:

A renowned cricket organisation with a rich history and a strong presence in the cricketing community, sought to enhance its leadership team by appointing a dynamic and experienced individual to the position of Chair. They have consistently demonstrated excellence in both professional and grassroots cricket. The club serves as a hub for cricket development, providing a platform for aspiring cricketers, fostering community involvement, and maintaining a competitive edge in the professional cricketing arena. The club's vision was to elevate its strategic direction, governance, and community engagement, and they recognized the importance of a strong leadership figurehead to drive these initiatives forward. The club's leadership identified the need for a chairperson who could bring strategic acumen, leadership experience, and a passion for cricket to guide the organization into a new era of success.

Client Objectives:

1. Strategic Leadership:

Find a Chair who can provide visionary leadership and strategic direction to the club, ensuring its sustained growth and success.

2. Governance Expertise:

Identify a candidate with a strong understanding of governance principles, capable of steering the organisation through effective decision-making processes.

3. Community Engagement:

Secure an individual committed to fostering community relationships, increasing fan engagement, and promoting cricket at the grassroots level.

4. Financial Acumen:

Select a Chair with financial expertise to ensure the club's long-term financial sustainability and growth.

5. Cricketing Passion:

Seek a candidate deeply passionate about cricket, capable of inspiring players, staff, and supporters alike.

Search Strategy:

The executive search team employed a comprehensive strategy to identify and attract the most suitable candidates for the position of Chair.

1. Stakeholder Consultation:

Conducted interviews and meetings with key stakeholders, including current board members, players, and club sponsors, to understand the organisation's unique needs and cultural dynamics.

2. Industry Mapping:

Conducted a thorough analysis of the sports and cricket industry to identify individuals with a proven track record of successful leadership in similar roles.

3. Networking:

Leveraged professional networks, cricket associations, and industry events to connect with potential candidates and assess their suitability for the role.

4. Advertisement and Online Platforms:

Utilised targeted advertising and online platforms to reach a wider audience, ensuring maximum visibility for the position.

5. Candidate Assessment:

Implemented a rigorous screening process, including in-depth interviews, psychometric assessments, and reference checks, to evaluate each candidate's skills, experience, and cultural fit with the club.


After an extensive search and evaluation process, a highly accomplished individual with a stellar track record in cricket administration, strategic leadership, and community engagement was selected as the new Chair. The appointed Chair brought a fresh perspective, passion for the game, and a strategic vision that aligned seamlessly with the club's objectives. The successful appointment of the new Chair marked a significant milestone in the Club's journey towards sustained success, enhanced governance, and increased community impact. The executive search process not only met but exceeded the club's expectations, ensuring a seamless transition into a new era of leadership and growth.