Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Client: Prominent sports franchise Location: Wales, UK Wales, UK Flag

Client background:

Our client is a prominent sports club based in the United Kingdom, known for its rich history and success in various sporting disciplines. With a growing fan base and expanding business operations, the club recognised the need for a strategic and experienced Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to steer its financial management towards sustained growth.


The sports club faced challenges in financial planning, budgeting, and overall financial strategy. The club's executive leadership recognised the importance of a seasoned CFO who could bring financial acumen, strategic vision, and experience in the sports and entertainment industry to the organisation. The ideal candidate needed to navigate the complexities of sports finance, sponsorships, and revenue diversification while ensuring financial stability and compliance.


  1. Identify a CFO with a proven track record in financial leadership within the sports and entertainment industry.
  2. Assess candidates for their ability to drive revenue growth, manage financial risks, and optimise financial processes.
  3. Find a candidate with a deep understanding of UK financial regulations and compliance specific to sports clubs.
  4. Seek an individual with excellent communication skills to collaborate effectively with the executive team and external stakeholders.


1. Client Consultation:

Collaborated with the client to develop a comprehensive job profile outlining the key responsibilities, qualifications, and desired attributes for the CFO position.

2. Job Profile Development:

Collaborated with the client to develop a comprehensive job profile outlining the key responsibilities, qualifications, and desired attributes for the CFO position.

3. Market Research:

Conducted extensive market research to identify potential candidates with a strong financial background, experience in the sports industry, and a successful track record in managing complex financial portfolios.

4. Candidate Identification:

Leveraged our extensive network, industry databases, and targeted outreach to identify and approach potential candidates. Emphasis was placed on individuals with experience in sports finance and a strong understanding of the unique challenges faced by sports clubs in the UK.

5. Screening and Assessment:

Conducted rigorous interviews and assessments to evaluate candidates' financial expertise, leadership skills, and alignment with the club's values and vision. This included thorough reference checks and verification of candidates' track records.

6. Client Presentation:

Presented a shortlist of highly qualified candidates to the client, providing detailed insights into each candidate's strengths, experience, and cultural fit with the sports club.

7. Interview Facilitation:

Coordinated and facilitated interviews between the client and the shortlisted candidates, ensuring a seamless and effective selection process.


After a thorough and collaborative search process, the sports club successfully appointed a highly experienced CFO who brought a wealth of financial knowledge and a deep understanding of the sports industry. The new CFO played a pivotal role in reshaping the club's financial strategy, optimising revenue streams, and enhancing overall financial governance. The successful appointment contributed to the club's sustained growth, financial stability, and strengthened its position within the competitive sports landscape.