Head of Digital Client: Global sports rights holder Location: Singapore Singapore Flag

Client background:

Our client is a leading sports rights holder operating globally, specialising in the acquisition and management of broadcasting and sponsorship rights for major sporting events. With a diverse portfolio of properties, including international tournaments and leagues, the client aimed to strengthen its executive leadership team by appointing a dynamic and experienced Marketing Director.


The client faced the challenge of elevating its brand presence and maximising revenue opportunities through strategic marketing initiatives. The Marketing Director would play a pivotal role in shaping the organisation's marketing strategy, driving brand visibility, and leveraging partnerships to optimize commercial success. Our objective was to identify and recruit an accomplished Marketing Director with a proven track record in sports marketing, brand management, and revenue generation, capable of navigating the dynamic landscape of sports rights and entertainment

Search Process:

1. Client Collaboration:

Conducted extensive consultations with the client's leadership team to understand their specific requirements, organisational culture, and strategic goals.

Defined key competencies, skills, and attributes essential for the role, aligning them with the client's vision.

2. Market Analysis:

Researched the sports marketing landscape to identify potential candidates within competing rights holders, sports agencies, and relevant industries.

Analysed the latest trends and innovations in sports marketing to ensure the selected candidate would bring fresh perspectives.

3. Candidate Profiling:

Developed a comprehensive candidate profile outlining the desired qualifications, experience, and cultural fit.

Sought individuals with a deep understanding of the sports industry, a successful history of executing impactful marketing campaigns, and a track record of revenue generation.

4. Global Outreach:

Leveraged our extensive network and industry connections to identify potential candidates on a global scale.

Engaged in direct outreach and confidential discussions with top-tier marketing executives.

5. Screening and Evaluation:

Conducted thorough interviews and assessments to evaluate candidates against the defined criteria.

Considered factors such as leadership style, creativity, strategic thinking, and past achievements in driving revenue growth.

6. Shortlisting and Presentation:

Presented a shortlist of highly qualified candidates to the client, including detailed profiles and assessments.

Facilitated client interviews and discussions to further evaluate candidates' alignment with organisational goals.

7. Decision and Onboarding:

Assisted the client in the final selection process, providing support in negotiations and contract discussions.

Worked collaboratively to ensure a smooth transition and successful onboarding of the selected Marketing Director.


The executive search process resulted in the successful appointment of a highly accomplished Marketing Director with a track record of delivering innovative marketing strategies in the sports industry. The newly appointed Marketing Director brought a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective, contributing to the client's enhanced brand visibility and increased revenue streams. The client achieved its goal of strengthening its leadership team and positioning itself for continued success in the competitive sports rights landscape.