Head of Digital Client: Prominent sports franchise Location: England, UK England, UK Flag

Client background:

Our client is a leading sports franchise in a highly competitive market, known for its rich history and commitment to excellence. With a focus on sustained growth and a desire to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving sports industry, the organisation recognised the need to appoint a Senior Vice President of Strategy. The objective was to bring in a dynamic leader who could devise and execute a comprehensive strategic vision, ensuring the franchise's continued success on and off the field.

Client Challenges:

1. Digital Transformation Urgency:

The sports franchise was lagging in digital innovation and needed an expert to drive a comprehensive digital transformation.

2. Fan Engagement Enhancement:

The client aimed to leverage digital platforms to create immersive experiences for fans, fostering deeper connections and loyalty.

3. Revenue Generation:

The franchise sought new avenues for revenue generation through digital channels, including e-commerce, content monetisation, and sponsorship activations.

Search Strategy:

1. Needs Analysis:

Our team collaborated with the client's leadership to understand the specific requirements, key objectives, and cultural nuances essential for success in their unique sports environment.

2. Industry Research:

We conducted an in-depth analysis of the sports and entertainment digital landscape, identifying trends, best practices, and successful case studies to inform our search strategy.

3. Network Mapping:

Leveraging our extensive network and industry connections, we identified potential candidates within the sports and digital marketing sectors with a proven track record of leading successful digital transformations.

4. Targeted Outreach:

A personalized and discreet outreach strategy was implemented, engaging potential candidates with a compelling proposition aligned with the client's vision.

Candidate Profile:

1. Digital Expertise:

Candidates were evaluated based on their experience in leading digital strategies for sports organisations or entertainment brands, with a focus on successful digital transformations.

2. Innovative Thinkers:

We sought individuals with a demonstrated ability to think outside the box, driving innovation in digital engagement strategies and technology adoption.

3. Fan-Centric Approach:

Given the importance of fan engagement, candidates were assessed on their ability to create and execute strategies that enhance the overall fan experience.

4. Revenue Generation Track Record:

Candidates with a history of successfully driving revenue through digital channels, including e-commerce, partnerships, and creative monetisation strategies, were prioritised.


After an extensive search and rigorous evaluation process, we identified a seasoned digital executive with a proven track record in leading successful digital transformations for sports franchises. The selected candidate demonstrated a keen understanding of the sports industry, coupled with a strategic vision for elevating the franchise's digital presence. The newly appointed Head of Digital successfully spearheaded the implementation of cutting-edge digital initiatives, resulting in increased fan engagement, new revenue streams, and a more competitive position in the sports and entertainment market.