Senior Vice President of Strategy Client: Sports National Governing Body (NGB) Location: Scotland, UK Scotland, UK Flag

Client background:

Our client is a leading sports franchise in a highly competitive market, known for its rich history and commitment to excellence. With a focus on sustained growth and a desire to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving sports industry, the organisation recognised the need to appoint a Senior Vice President of Strategy. The objective was to bring in a dynamic leader who could devise and execute a comprehensive strategic vision, ensuring the franchise's continued success on and off the field.


The sports franchise faced challenges in adapting to the changing landscape of the sports industry, including emerging technologies, evolving fan preferences, and increasing competition. To address these challenges, the organisation required a strategic visionary with a proven track record in developing and implementing innovative strategies to elevate the franchise's performance, fan engagement, and overall brand strength.


The ideal candidate would possess a unique blend of sports industry knowledge, strategic planning expertise, and a results-driven mindset. Key requirements included:

  1. Proven Leadership: Demonstrated success in leading strategic initiatives at a senior level within the sports industry or a related field.
  2. Strategic Vision: Ability to develop and implement a forward-thinking, long-term strategy to enhance the franchise's competitiveness and market position.
  3. Innovative Thinking: A track record of leveraging innovation and technology to drive growth and improve fan experiences.
  4. Collaboration Skills: Strong interpersonal and collaborative skills to work across departments, fostering teamwork and alignment with organisational goals.
  5. Data-Driven Decision-Making: Experience in utilising data and analytics to inform strategic decisions and measure performance.

Recruitment Process:

1. Client Consultation:

Our team engaged in in-depth discussions with key stakeholders to understand the organisation's culture, current challenges, and strategic goals. This laid the foundation for identifying the critical competencies required in the candidate.

2. Market Research:

Comprehensive research was conducted to identify potential candidates with a proven track record in strategic leadership within the sports industry. This involved reviewing industry publications, networking within the sports community, and leveraging our extensive executive search database.

3. Candidate Assessment:

A rigorous screening process was employed to evaluate each candidate's qualifications, experience, and alignment with the organisation's strategic objectives. This involved initial interviews, competency assessments, and reference checks.

4. Client Interviews:

Shortlisted candidates underwent a series of interviews with key stakeholders from the sports franchise, allowing the client to assess cultural fit, leadership style, and strategic acumen.

5. Final Selection:

The top candidates were presented to the client with detailed profiles and assessments, facilitating an informed and collaborative decision-making process. The chosen candidate demonstrated a proven ability to drive strategic initiatives, a deep understanding of the sports industry, and a commitment to the franchise's values.


The appointed Senior Vice President of Strategy brought a fresh perspective and a wealth of experience to the sports franchise. Their strategic vision and innovative approach played a pivotal role in enhancing the organisation's competitive edge, fostering growth, and solidifying its position as a leader in the sports industry. The successful recruitment not only met the immediate needs of the franchise but also positioned them for sustained success in a dynamic and evolving market.