Senior Vice President (SVP) Client: International Professional Sports Club Location: England, UK England, UK Flag

Client background:

Our client is a leading international professional sports club with a rich history and a global fan base. The club competes at the highest level of its sport and is known for its commitment to excellence both on and off the field. Recognising the strategic importance of partnerships in the modern sports business landscape, the club sought to appoint a Senior Vice President (SVP) of Partnerships to lead and elevate its commercial endeavours.


The primary challenge was to identify and attract a highly qualified and experienced executive with a proven track record in sports partnerships, sponsorship, and revenue generation. The ideal candidate needed to possess a deep understanding of the sports industry, strong leadership skills, and a strategic mindset to forge and cultivate partnerships on a global scale.

Search Process:

1. Client Consultation:

In-depth meetings with key stakeholders to understand the club's culture, values, and specific requirements for the role.

Clarification of the strategic goals and vision for the partnerships function.

2. Role Definition:

Collaborated with the client to refine the SVP Partnerships role, clearly defining responsibilities, expectations, and key performance indicators.

Developed a comprehensive profile of the ideal candidate based on the club's unique needs.

3. Market Analysis:

Conducted an extensive analysis of the sports industry, identifying potential candidates from rival clubs, sports marketing agencies, and relevant sectors.

Utilised a combination of industry reports, databases, and professional networks to map out potential talent.

4. Candidate Identification:

Leveraged our extensive network within the sports industry to identify high-potential candidates.

Utilised a discreet and targeted approach to engage with individuals who fit the profile.

5. Assessment and Shortlisting:

Conducted in-depth interviews and assessments to evaluate candidates against the predefined criteria.

Presented a shortlist of top-tier candidates, each thoroughly vetted for their expertise, leadership abilities, and cultural fit with the club.

6. Client Interviews:

Facilitated a series of interviews between the client and shortlisted candidates.

Gathered feedback from both parties to refine the selection process.

7. Negotiation and Appointment:

Assisted in negotiations between the client and the preferred candidate.

Provided support in finalising contractual details and ensuring a smooth onboarding process.


The appointed Senior Vice President of Partnerships brought a wealth of experience to the club, having successfully led similar functions in other prestigious sports organisations. Within the first year, the SVP played a pivotal role in securing significant partnership deals, enhancing the club's global brand visibility, and contributing to increased revenue streams. This successful executive search not only met the client's immediate hiring needs but also set the foundation for long-term success in the highly competitive sports business landscape. The appointed SVP continues to drive strategic partnerships that align with the club's objectives, further establishing the organisation as a powerhouse in the global sports arena.