SVP Global Business Development Client: Global sports franchise Location: United States United States Flag

Client background:

Our client, a North American based global Sports franchise, sought an SVP Global Business Development to enhance its executive leadership team to drive innovation and expansion into new international commercial markets. The organisation recognised the critical need for transformative leadership to stay ahead in the dynamic competitive commercial landscape. The goal was to identify and attract a seasoned executive with a proven track record of operating in a globally significant sports franchise/property driving innovation, fostering a collaborative culture, and navigating global markets.


  1. Identify a candidate with a deep understanding of international commercial partnerships with the ability to deliver multi-million-dollar sponsorships deals.
  2. Seek an executive capable of fostering cross-functional collaboration and innovation within the organisation.
  3. Attract a leader with a global mindset to navigate diverse commercial markets.
  4. Ensure a seamless integration of the new executive into the existing leadership team and company culture.


1. Needs assessment:

Conducted comprehensive interviews with key stakeholders to understand the current challenges, future goals, and the desired leadership qualities essential for success.

2. Industry Research:

Utilised extensive industry research to identify emerging trends, key competitors, and potential candidates with a track record of success in similar environments.

3. Candidate Identification:

Leveraged a combination of industry networks, targeted outreach, and advanced data analytics to create a pool of potential candidates matching the client's specific requirements.

4. Evaluation and Shortlisting:

Conducted in-depth assessments of shortlisted candidates, evaluating their leadership style, track record, cultural fit, and ability to drive innovation in a global context.

5. Client Collaboration:

Maintained open communication with the client throughout the process, ensuring alignment on candidate profiles, addressing feedback, and refining the search criteria as needed.


After an intensive international search process, McBride Sport successfully identified and attracted a highly accomplished executive with a background working with global sports franchises. The executive seamlessly integrated into the existing leadership team, leading the company to achieve key milestones in commercial revenue generation, fan engagement and activations and market expansion. The strategic leadership acquisition not only reinforced the company's position as a leader but also set the stage for sustained growth in an ever-evolving industry.