Two Independent Non-Executive Directors (INEDs) Client: Sports National Governing Body (NGB) Location: Scotland, UK Scotland, UK Flag

Client background:

A prominent Sports National Governing Body (NGB) with a rich history and a mission to promote and develop the sport across the nation. The NGB plays a crucial role in setting strategic direction, governance, and ensuring the overall growth and success of the sport.


The NGB recognised the need to enhance its governance structure by appointing two Independent Non-Executive Directors (INEDs) to its board. The goal was to bring fresh perspectives, diverse expertise, and strategic insights that would contribute to the NGB's long-term sustainability, innovation, and governance best practices.


  1. Identify and appoint two highly qualified and experienced individuals with a passion for the sport.
  2. Ensure diversity in skills, backgrounds, and perspectives to enhance the overall effectiveness of the board.
  3. Strengthen the governance framework and strategic oversight of the NGB.

Search Strategy:

1. Needs Assessment:

Collaborated closely with the NGB's leadership to understand the organisation's strategic goals, challenges, and the specific skills and expertise required from the INEDs.

Conducted a thorough review of the current board composition and identified gaps in skills and diversity.

2. Position Profile:

Developed a comprehensive position profile outlining the role, responsibilities, and qualifications required for the INEDs.

Emphasised the importance of candidates having a deep understanding of sports governance, financial acumen, strategic vision, and the ability to contribute to the NGB's mission.

3. Stakeholder Engagement:

Engaged with key stakeholders, including current board members, athletes, coaches, and other relevant individuals, to gather insights into the desired qualities and characteristics of the new INEDs.

4. Global Search:

Utilised a global network to identify potential candidates with a strong track record in sports governance, business acumen, and a passion for the specific sport.

Employed a multi-channel approach, including targeted outreach, industry events, and partnerships with executive search firms specialised in sports leadership.

5. Screening and Assessment:

Conducted in-depth interviews to assess candidates' alignment with the NGB's values, understanding of governance principles, and their ability to contribute strategically.

Utilised psychometric assessments to evaluate leadership styles, decision-making abilities, and cultural fit within the organisation.


Appointment of Two INEDs:

Successfully identified and appointed two highly qualified INEDs with diverse backgrounds in sports governance, finance, and business.

The new directors brought a wealth of experience, contributing to the NGB's strategic discussions, financial oversight, and organisational development.

Enhanced Governance:

The introduction of the new INEDs strengthened the overall governance framework of the NGB, ensuring a balance of skills and perspectives at the board level.

The board's ability to make informed, strategic decisions was significantly improved, leading to positive outcomes for the organisation.

Positive Impact:

The appointed INEDs actively engaged with stakeholders, athletes, and the broader sports community, fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment.

The NGB witnessed positive changes in its operations, strategic planning, and overall organisational effectiveness.