The Endless Summer beckons


The Endless Summer beckons

This weekend sees the official (long awaited) start of British Summer Time. Much more than losing an hour in bed over the weekend for the McBride Sport team the springing forward of the clocks brings thoughts of hot days, warmer nights and trips to the seaside. And for us there are fewer things that turn our attention to summer than the film ‘The Endless Summer’. Perhaps, not an actual film, ‘The Endless Summer’ is a (what we believe to be classic) documentary directed by Bruce Brown and released in 1966. If you’re not familiar with the content, it follows two surfers, Mike Hynson and Robert August, as they embark on a round-the-world surfing adventure in search of the perfect wave. For us, what sets this documentary apart is its laid-back, adventurous spirit and its stunning cinematography capturing the beauty of surfing and the landscapes of various coastal regions.

The title ‘The Endless Summer’ refers to the surfers’ quest to follow the summer season around the globe, from California and Hawaii to Africa, Australia, and beyond. Along the way, they encounter different cultures, experience local customs, and surf some of the most iconic waves in the world. The film showcases the universal appeal of surfing and the sense of freedom and camaraderie it fosters among enthusiasts. One of the film’s most enduring legacies is its influence on popularising surfing culture worldwide. It introduced audiences to the thrill of riding waves in exotic locations and helped propel surfing into the mainstream. Beyond its stunning visuals, ‘The Endless Summer’ captures the essence of the surfing lifestyle, emphasising the importance of adventure, exploration, and the pursuit of personal passion – something we at McBride Sport wholeheartedly support and embrace.

With its timeless appeal, captivating storytelling, and memorable soundtrack, ‘The Endless Summer’ remains for us a beloved classic in the world of documentary film making and hopefully still continues to inspire surfers and other adventure seekers alike.